December 5, 2008

Hello MAINE!

A while back I came across this site, Summer Maine {}, offering summer cottage and home rentals. The first time I went through the site I immediatly started telling my best friend & my husband that we needed to take a vacation to Maine. They looked at me like I was crazy. I'm pretty sure that I've got them warmed up to the idea - but take a look and see what you think - are you up for a vacation to Maine?

I don't know if I think that the summer or the winter looks like more fun!
How Christmasy!
This reminds me of the B&B we stayed at in California - so cozy and welcoming...I always love all white...I am particularly in love with this photo...
Love that map....
Perfect irregularity....
LOVE those Windsor chairs...

I adore this kitchen. Something about it is so quaint and charming.

I REALLY like this kitchen. I love that the lower cabinets look to be an inky blue but the top look black.

Love that mural....
This is perfect!

I'd love to stay in this room. The skylight is perfect and I love that little painting - no headboard needed in this room for sure!
Isn't this adorable?I can't say that this room is really 'me' but I love the little balls on the curtains and that worn in yellow quilt.

I hope you enjoyed your tour of some of the summer homes available in Maine!