June 10, 2009

Summer Party Inspiration

This post did not start out intending to be an outdoor party inspiration post, but one fabulous photo led to another which bred this post.

I have heard some flak about the whole idea of the 'outdoor room' or 'outdoor space' from several sources. Personally I like the idea of hosting events outdoors and making them feel like an extension of an indoor space. Some of these inspiration photos are more elaborate than others (they were to fab to exclude) but some of these are perfect in their simplicity. Hopefully you'll find inspiration for your next summer gathering!

From My Lifetime
What I like about this table setting is that it really does seem as if it could be put together from any home in America. There is nothing spectacular about any of the pieces here except that they've been artfully arranged. Remember when you're looking at an inspiration photo it is inspirational, not necessarily for reproduction. Any light throw or scarf could be used as well as any assortment of candle holders, vases, and white dishware.

I included this photo again because it would be easy to replicate. Many people have tiled patio tables - don't cover up all that gorgeous color - use it to jump start your table setting. A paired down dinner set lets the table top shine through with some well coordinating accents.
Mix & Match table setting from Madison Magazine
This looks like a basic picnic table with coordinating colored dinnerware and accessories. Perfect coordination sometimes is stuffy - this is much more casual and laid back.
Here are some more elaborate examples for weddings or larger scale events:

The lights on the ceiling could be replicated in any event. For a smaller event the basic principal of this photo can still be translated. The biggest thing to take away from this is to choose a unifying color palette and pattern and carry it through the entire event.
Being a country native and someone who has attended and helped execute many a hay ride in my day, I LOVE this idea! The set up looks pretty basic - but I would suggest a blanket over those hay bales when it's actually time to sit - no one wants those sticking their backside!
P.S. Many thanks to Jon for showing me how to create links within my posts so I don't have to copy & paste the web addresses any more! I'm SO tech challenged - I never would have figured that out on my own!

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