July 21, 2009

Wizard of Oz Baby Shower Pictures

Here are some of the photos from this past weekends baby shower. The shower theme was the Wizard of Oz and I mainly used blue & white gingham with red & white polka dots to tie everything together. Overall I was pretty pleased with the outcome. The following photos are mostly of the event details, I hope to post some of my lesser quality shots (once I find my camera) that show the overall view of the shower. All of the following photos were taken by my good friend Sarah.

Follow the yellow brick road... into the Land of Oz!
Don't forget to visit the Lollipop Stand!
To make it feel more homey we used cloth napkins & chinaPolka dot cakeCandyland & lollipopsYou can't see it in this photo but the vase held a large branch that had note cards featuring Dorthy & Toto, the Tin Man, the Lion, and the Scarecrow with the words Happy Home, Heart, Courage, & Brain on them. Each guest was asked to right a well wish or parenting advice to the new parents.
You can see the wishing tree a little better in this photo.
All of the well wishes & advice were stored in this album which was given to the parents to be at the end of the shower.
Sunflower pens and notecards We had the shower in my parents home which has a very open floor plan. One of the obstacles in hosting the shower there was the layout of the home because the kitchen was in plain view. Luckily as we were decorating my mom had the ingenius idea of hanging up some of our excess fabric as kind of an awning which helped seperate the kitchen from the rest of the space and also helped tie in all the different spaces. I also framed several Wizard of Oz images that I had found online in garage sale frames painted white. These frames were used in various places around the shower. This frame is hanging above our drink station. My parents have a 12ish foot long mantel in their living room. I used red glittery chargers as a backdrop, made 2 sunflower topiaries, and draped the mantel with the blue & white gingham fabric. Next to each topiary are blue wooden stars with white star dots on them. We played the movie, the Wizard of Oz throughout the shower. At each end of the mantel are photos of my sister & her husband as babies. Just a sign with the baby's nameThe two end tables were decorated with blue fabric with a white linen overlay that featured a scene from the movie and lollipops!We gave sunflower & african daisy flower seed packs as favors.Baby Shower Bingo & gift bags My sister, on the left, and my cousin, on the right, are both pregnant, so Sarah shot this adorable picture of them.
Me, my grandma, my sister, & my mom

I hope you enjoyed the photos and feel inspired for your next event!


  1. You must've received the disk! I see photos here that I haven't seen yet. It really was fun.

  2. such a great shower...really how can you top yourself next?!

  3. Awesome job! We are planning a Wizard of Oz themed baby shower now. Where did you get the baby's name done in the character art?

  4. Tiffany - sorry for the late response, I just saw your comment.

    Those were actually candles that I found online that I photoshopped together to spell out our little guy's name. Unfortuantly I don't remember where they came from. Sorry!