Our House

We bought this house after being married 1 year.  At the time we were living in the worlds tiniest apartment.  You could literally lift your leg and prop it against the entertainment center while sitting on our couch (aka futon).  So when it came time for us to buy we wanted to get as much space as our meager budget would afford.  At the time we envisioned living here for 5 years and then moving into a different home.  I never thought this house would be big enough for 2 kids, maybe 1 but definitely not 2.  As of today we are in year 9 living here with 2 kids and a dog.  HAHAHA

Formal Living Room
Sitting Room
Guest Room
Howie's Nursery
Entertainment Room
Family Room
Davis's Nursery (This link will direct you to the feature of this room on Apartment Therapy.)
Davis's Toddler Room
Unfinished/Finished Basement
Sunroom (now in use as the office, see below!)
Office (This link will direct you to my photography blog, Creative Event Studio)

House Listing Photos, Full House Tour (Decorating for living vs selling is very different!)

A lot of these were taken circa 2011.  I am a BIG believer that nothing in our house is sacred and if I need to switch things around for our house to function better (or me to like it more) than it gets changed, which means that a lot of these rooms look different now.  The older photos make me cringe (the lighting, the angles, the editing - OH MY!), but the content is the same and maybe getting back to blogging is the kick in the pants I need to update these posts!

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