March 9, 2015

Formal Living Room

This is one of my favorite rooms in my house.  When we first saw our house my biggest complaint was that it was dark.  Our house is about 95 years old and has been added on to twice.  A portion of this room was part of the original structure.  (To see before photos of this space click here.)  Because of the additions, and the age of the house, natural light is hard to come by in this place.  The window in this room is one of my favorite things about our entire house.  I also love the all white color pallate that allows me to throw in different colors and patterns throughout the year as I feel like switching it up.

When we moved in there was wall to wall carpet.  It was in good shape but we knew we wanted to have hardwoods.  Part of the reason there was carpet throughout the house were because of the additions.  About 3 feet of this room (and the bulk of our hallway) did not have hardwood under the carpet.  New hardwood had to be laid and then we had all of the floors refinished to a dark walnut stain.  I don't think you usually see floors quite this dark but we love it.

The light fixture was a flea market find, as were the two chairs.  I recently switched it up by adding black to the candlesticks for a bit of contrast.  The pew bench was cut down and made by my dad.  

We 'finished' this room several years ago, but I'm really itching to get back in here and switch some stuff up.  The clock is ticking on the mirror and lanterns.  I still love the small gallery.  I am always adding and switching the items on the shelf around for the season/as the mood hits.  

Our couch and coffee table belonged to my husbands grandparents.  I had a custom slipcover made for the couch (at a steal - $100!). I LOVE our coffee table.  It is one of my favorite pieces in our entire house.  The tray I found at my neighbors garage sale.  It's big and just the perfect size for a table this size.  

One thing I love about living in a ranch house is that you can interpret the decor any way you want and make it totally yours, where as sometimes when you live in a particular style of home you feel like you should honor that type of decor.  Do you have a favorite room in your house?  What makes it your favorite?


  1. Lovely space, can't believe how far it's come!!

  2. Room sure does look different than when we bought it, so much brighter and inviting.