March 4, 2015

Reading Themed 2nd Birthday Party

Davis LOVES books.  He had a favorite book at 6 months old.  So when we started thinking about his 2nd birthday party we decided to base it on his favorite thing - books.  Our alma mater, William Jewell College, has an adorable little schoolhouse on it's campus (the Dale Patton Schoolhouse) that is available for rent.  It was the ideal setting for the birthday party.  It's also when we discovered how great it is to host events not at your house!  

I decided on a red, white and blue color scheme.  I was thinking primary colors would work well - unfortunately Davis's birthday is a few days before July 4th so as I was buying all the things I was really afraid it was going to look like a big USA bash.  It turned out ok but it definitely makes me think twice about what colors I use for his birthday from now on.

We read two books during the party.  One was 'Little Blue Truck', which Davis was really liking at the time, and the other was an older book called 'The Traveling Coat'.  We made a book report for 'The Traveling Coat', but inadvertently made it WAY to hard!  I'm pretty sure that most of the guests gave up by the second question!  (Also washi tape makes everything more fun.)

I pulled together 2 banners for this party.  The one above is the easiest thing EVER.  We strung a piece of jute twine across the room and then used clothes pins to pin open vintage Golden Books.  Easy and adorable, just what I like :)  The other banner was a pennant that I quickly sewed together.  When I make pennant banners I use premade bias tape from the sewing department and stick the pennants between the fold as I'm sewing, no pins required.  The banner across the chalkboard was made with navy bias tape and vintage book pages from a book I found at the thrift store.

The party was at 2 in the afternoon so we served a handful of snacks.  I was very worried that we wouldn't have enough food but it ended up being the perfect amount.

My main mister and I waiting for our birthday boy to arrive.  I was about 5 months pregnant in this picture and look how tired I look!  Even though I look a little rough and we're dressed like an ad for USA it was a wonderful day spent with our family and friends celebrating our oldest little mister.  

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