June 17, 2009

Summer Solstice

Summer is now well under way and that means that one day is quickly approaching - my BIRTHDAY! I have the good fortune of being born on the summer solstice, which also coincides with the official start of summer. (The first day of summer is always June 20th or the 21st depending on where you live.)

In celebration of the impending solstice (the longest day of the year) I thought I would send out some summer solstice party love.

Summer events require a light/fresh menu. Fruits, vegetables & William Sonoma Mojitos are a MUST for a summer solstice party:

A party in celebration of the longest day of the year will strectch in to the wee hours of the night/morning - so lighting is very important!

I love these outdoor globes & these colorful tiki torches!

Keep the decor relaxed and casual - keep the focus of this long day on good drinks and great friends!

I hope you're enjoying your summer!


  1. It is, indeed, the longest day of the year, partiularly when pregnant well beyond one's due date! Your Summer Solstice party looks quite fun and very refreshing. Happy birthday!!!

  2. When was your actual due date - do you remember?

    When do I get my present? :)

  3. June 10. Yes - TEN. Not to be confused with 21 !!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Here in Sweden we're celebrating the arrival of summer today (always the Friday closest to Summer Solstice).