January 25, 2016

A Mustache Valentine - Repost

For a short time I briefly started a family blog.  Then I realized I really wanted to come back to this blog.  From time to time I pop in and repost something I wrote at the other blog.  (Confused yet?!)  This was my oldest Mister's 2nd Valentines day and I felt inspired to decorate the house up for the day of love.  Since Valentines Day is just a few weeks away maybe you'll be inspired to dig out all your red too!

Little Valentine

I don't know what got into me this year but out of the blue I decided to decorate for Valentines Day.  I've never done it before, in fact I can't remember ever decorating for any holiday other than in the fall/winter.  Mom and I were out at Good JuJu and I found the funniest little pillow cover.  It was sitting around the house taunting me with it's cuteness.  So I packed up the little dude, bought fabric, came home and sewed a few coordinating pillows.  Then I shopped the house and pulled together a few more items and suddenly we were in the Valentine spirit!  The polka dots, bunting, and pops of red have been so fun peeking out at us.  I am going to be sad when it has to be packed up!

I had been wanting to take some photos of D wearing a mustache for Valentine's Day to send out to our family members.  Luckily Sarah and I caught him in a good mood - we got the cutest pictures of him.  Though the mustache wasn't much of a hit we did get lots of good smiles - especially when Auntie tickled and bribed with cookies!

Oh man I love this kid! 
 Happy Valentines Day!

Seriously how has this been almost 3 years ago?!  Where has my baby went?!?!