March 1, 2015

Entertainment Room

I'm updating our house tour photos and thought I'd start with our Entertainment Room.  Chris is a bit of a film snob (for proof click over to his blog), and when we bought our house Chris was adamant that it be big enough for him to have a movie room.  Our house is about 95 years old and has had 2 additions put onto it.  This room is original to the home.  When we bought our house the wall with the large window was covered in faux-brick paneling that we removed and had to drywall.  To see the before and in progress photos click here.

Oddly enough this room hasn't seen a large number of transformations.  It has been painted like this pretty much since we moved in and although Chris has switched out some of the posters over the years (to better reflect his movie preferences as they change) this is basically how it has looked. My requirement for this space was that I did not want to have open storage for all of his DVDs.  The large DVD cabinet was a custom build from a local ready to finish company.  

One thing that has changed many times over the course of the years is the furniture in this room.  For the majority of the time we've lived here all of our computer and home accounting items were house in there.  Additionally this room basically got the left over furniture.  It had a chair and love seat, then it had 2 chairs, then my step-mom called and said she was bringing me a couch (who does that?!) so we had a couch and a chair in here with a coffee table.  Want to know what changed that?  A trip to the ER.  We had been home 3 days with our youngest son from the hospital when our bigger boy ran into the Entertainment Room and crashed his perfect baby head into the corner of the coffee table.  There was blood, there were tears (from all of us), it was emotional and crazy.  And the coffee table left.

We had always talked about getting a small sectional for this room.  After the stitches we decided it was a MUST.  Out went the table and in came this beautiful beast.  (We have a slight love affair with this couch.)  It would be a lie to say anything other than this couch has been a game changer for the way we live in our house.  This room was always a room we used but now this is our main base.  (I kind of feel like we are cheating on our family room.)  There is room for everyone to pile together on the couch if we want.  The ottoman is on wheels and has storage for toys.  We cleaned out the small cabinet next to the window and organized it for toys.  The computer and accounting stuff moved to another room.

Thanks for hanging with me on our tour of the Entertainment Room!  Do you have multiple living spaces in your home? If so, do you use all of them?

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  1. Best room ever. Interesting movie choices for the posters. Someone has good taste.