February 27, 2015

What a great day!

Guys I seriously just had the best day today!  (Ok, maybe not 'best' as in life altering or important days to remember for all times, but definitely a good one.)  I am an extroverted introvert (it's a real thing).  So that means that going out and meeting new people is WAY outside of my comfort zone.  Once I know you I'm totally cool and fabulous (I think).  But for a long time I've known that I NEED to leave my house (and sweatpants) and meet some other wedding professionals in our area.  I don't know what makes this such a hard thing to do but IT IS.  In my defense I do think that a lot of people in my industry (and others too I'm sure) have a serious dislike for 'networking'.  I love working with people and really enjoy meeting people...but it's hard yo.

So last week I gave myself a week's deadline.  Sarah and I had made a new friend at a bridal show we attended last week so I guess I was feeling brave.  I looked up some local vendors that I liked their work and seemed like a good fit for our business.  Then I emailed them (gulp).  I got some responses!  
In preparation for my meetings I put together some small packets of information about my company.  Included was this little brag sheet.  I have to say seeing all of the things Sarah and I have accomplished written out felt GOOD.  

Then I woke up early this morning, fluffed and buffed myself and headed out the door.  I left ridiculously early to make sure I got there in time to sit and get comfortable before my meeting arrived.  I'm glad I did because twice my bag strap broke as I was walking in.  Talk about embarassing.  Luckily I was there early and I was able to get my coffee and croissant and sit there in peace for a few minutes.  By the time my meeting arrived I was ready!

And you know what?  I loved it!  I had a great time talking with a vendor that I really loved that I think will be a GREAT partner for us in the future.  YES!

So the moral of this story is GO and DO and it will be OK!

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