May 17, 2010

Before & After: the Formal Living Room

I think I'm the only one enjoying these before & after posts, but that's okay with me!

Today the Formal Living Room got spiffed up so here's a tour through the evolution of the room!  Here are the photos from the day we moved in:

This room was pretty non-descript (although the adjoining rooms had lots of personality with their wallpaper...).  So after living here a while the room above was taken a few steps in the right direction with new hard wood floors, paint, and trim...

The room stayed as is for about another 2 years.  Finally one day the husband and I decided we needed to spruce up the walls a bit with some decor.  Although we loved the room and the 'bones' of it all (and yes, we really did love it all white) it was in desperate need of more.  And here is the final product:

(the sitting room is on the left, more photos of that room to come soon!)

I love this coffee table!


  1. Your before and afters are beautiful! Cute blog :) and LOVE the lost party invites!

  2. Oh I LOVE those after pics!!