August 23, 2010

Sunroom: Mini Project

I am SO excited about the change that I made yesterday to the sun room.  I should start by saying that this weekend Chris was gone, Sarah & I had 2 photo shoots and 1 client meeting, and I was invited to a girls sleepover on Friday.  Sarah and I restyled a couple places of her apartment and apparently when I woke up on Sunday Tink and I were feeling we got to work!

One of the things I've always loved about our house is our sun room.  One thing I've always hated about our sun room is the floor - GROSS!  The flooring was a dark green carpet.  The previous owners had 2 dogs, which I believe they kept in the sun room as there were multiple urine bleach stains on the carpet & by the door the carpet was ripped where the dogs had tried to get out of the room.  YUM, right?  We'd been saying  that we wanted to replace the flooring, but it always falls to the bottom of the list.  I had been begging Chris to just let us rip up the carpet and paint the floor underneath, but he really didn't want to do it out of fear that it would look worse than the carpet. 

Needless to say he was gone and I was motivated.  Here are some photos of the carpet and why it needed to be gone:
  Nice, right?  See why it needed to come up?  Here's what I found under the green carpet:
Brown 70's carpet!  And then under that:
Sub floor.  I pulled the carpet up all around the edges and the wood looked decent to me, so the furniture came out of the room and carpet came up.
Yes, that is all of the sunroom furniture out on our tiny back deck and the green carpet balled up and jammed in the stairway (it was heavy!).  But when all the carpet was up this is what I was left with:
The black spots on the floor weren't actually spots at all, they were little tiny dusty bits left over from years of dirt in the carpet and erosion from the rubber backing on the brown carpet.  It was really messy and hard to get up.  Here's a picture of the paint on the floor:
This is obviously mid-paint as you can see places where I touched up.  At this point I was actually wondering if Chris was right and it was going to look like crap, but I let it dry and put everything back in there and this is what it look like now:
I do think overall it looks WAY better than the carpet did, at least now I don't have to try and artistically hide the floor in all of my sun room photos!  This project cost me $0 and maybe 3.5 hours worth of work.  I don't plan on leaving the floor like this forever, it is for sure a temporary fix, but even Chris says that it is way better than the carpet.  I know this has been a long post but I'm going to end with one last photo that is a close up so you can see what the painted wood really looks like.


  1. I better not get any splinters in my feet!

    Just kidding, it looks great!

  2. Great renovation Ginger!

    Stained carpets are truly difficult to handle. Replacements are just too expensive. That's why most people re-paint the floor or if the floor is still in good condition, restore the flooring. In your case, a repainting did wonders to your floor. I also like the beige colored carpet that you placed for more accent to the room.

    In our case, my parents decided to try a company that offerscarpet cleaning, Norfolk VA based. The carpet cleaners (Portsmouth and other places) did an amazing job since all of the stains and odor were completely removed.

    Thanks for sharing your design ideas. I'll probably use that when I renovate my room.