August 21, 2009

Barn Cabin Fever

For the past several months I've been dreaming of converting an old barn into a weekend cabin getaway (not that I have the money to do this, or an old barn to convert, but I suppose that is why it is called a dream). So for the past several months I've toyed with this in my mind. About 2 months ago I mentioned it to the hubby. A few weeks ago I started collecting photos....and whining to the hubster..... :)

I should really stop torturing myself.
Alas, here is are some photos that I think would be wound into my cabin getaway.
A Michigan Heritage Barn - it looks like half a house & half a barn.
I LOVE this door! Wouldn't it be a perfect entry?This is my favorite bathroom. I think it would work in my barn cabin. This is from the Bracken Cottage in West Brooksville, Maine.This is the New River Bank Barn converted by Blackburn Architects.Barn Conversion by Shed Architects in Seattle.The Granery by Blackburn Architects.Another view of the Barn Conversion by Shed Architects.

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  1. Those pictures ARE quite inspiring I'll give ya that :o)