October 15, 2009

Eco Friendly Party Supplies

There are so many options when it comes to party goods and supplies that sometimes it is easy to forget the environmental impact that entertaining can potentially have, especially when it comes to disposable party goods. Many paper party plates (say that three times fast!) and cocktail napkins have inks or coatings that make them impossible or very difficult to recycle, thus adding more to our growing landfills. 

Personally I have tried to implement more 'real' products into my own entertaining.  Real napkins, plates, and cups not only are better for the earth but they also make a better impact on your events!  Do real items cost more?  Yes, but they last longer.  Do green products cost more?  Sometimes yes.  When I first began researching green party ware products I honestly thought I wasn't ever going to find anything budget friendly, but the more that I've dug and looked around I'vce found products that fit the budget and won't harm our planet. 

Without further adu, here is a list of green party product suppliers:
If you're not someone that normally thinks about what you're buying before you buy it you don't have to go through a speciality store or site to go green.  Many disposable dinnerware companies are now producing eco friendly products that can be found at most discount stores.  I live very close to Target.  The last time I had to pick up plates and cups for a barbeque I bought these Bare products made by Solo.  They were exactly the same price as the other disposable items, except these are made with post consumer products and are recyclable/compostable.  (And did I say they were cheap?)

Lastly (sorry this is getting long!) there are lots of budget friendly options out there for non-disposable entertaining products.  One of my favorite buys that I've come across is from Mission Restuarant Supply.  For $1.75 you can get a dozen stainless steel forks.  $1.75!  That is super cheap for an item that you can reuse time and time again.  There are deals out there for real products if you look for them.  It might take you a little longer in the beginning finding reusable products in your price range, but in the end you'll save time by never having to shop for basics (like forks) again. 

I hope that some of you find this information helpful and that you all examine how green your events are. 

Happy entertaining!


  1. HOORAY for eco-friendly parties (and weddings!)

  2. http://www.ecopartytime.com
    is another resource for eco-friendly parties.