October 9, 2009

Event Trends 2009

Just like everything else in life there are trends in special events.  Just think about how the event industry has changed over the last 30-50 years.  Once upon a time it was the trend to have photography that is now seen as boring and far out of touch because of the posed, standard shots.  I was doing some online reading and came across this article from Special Events.com where some of the industry experts talked about what was in and what is out in the world of special events.  Obviously click on the link for the full article (and to check out some of the other great features on their site) but below are some of the highlights.

What's in?
  • Eco-theme events/natural themed events/using eco-friendly products and making them upscale/products with purpose
  • Technology
  • Total guest experiences (luxury resorts are out, events are being held in areas where the event is an extension of the location)
What's out?
  • Frivolus events/opulence/wastefullness
  • Submerged flowers
  • Lucite
What do you think is in or out?  Especially here in the mid-west?  Thoughts?

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