December 2, 2009

Tween Birthday Party

Recently it was decided that I would help throw my 11 year old sister's birthday party.  This may not seem like a big deal to most people but when your 11 year old sister (who thinks that you are the most awesome thing ever) starts telling her friends that she's having a 'professional party planner' do her birthday party, it becomes a big deal real fast.  My sister's name is Emma and she told me that she wanted to 1) have a sleepover 2) do a smiley face theme and 3) give out gift bags.  Armed with those requests I decided that 12 is the height of the 'tween' years.  This party needs to be fun, but not kiddish, and grown-up, but not boring. 

Here are the main bullets of the party:
  • Black and Yellow with damask accents
  • Smiley faces will be used as accents and in the gift bags
  • Photo booth with a black backdrop and yellow props
  • Nail station with yellow & black nail polish
  • Candy buffet
And here is the mood board to give you a feel for what the party will be like:

The party will be announced with party invites very similar to the ones pictured below.  White boxes with yellow lemon heads (kids love candy, right?) and damask printed invites.  They will be wrapped with a printable damask label (pictured in the mood board, upper right corner) that I found online at The Fussy Designer Blog.

I think this is going to be super cute!


  1. Have fun - I'm sure it'll be the most incredible Tween b-day ever. ;0

  2. It's perfect for a tween girl...I'm sure the party will be an amazing success. Your sister is lucky to have you. =) Make sure you post all the pictures for us!