March 23, 2010


Normally I try and keep this blog very upbeat and cheery.  Normally I try and keep myself upbeat and cherry (with a good dose of sarcasm mixed in).  Today I am feeling bleh.  Really bleh.  UGH.  I feel just exhausted, and for no good reason.  We haven't been crazy busy lately (!), I way overslept today and didn't go back to the gym like I told my husband that I would, so I should be well rested, but today I just feel a little overwhelmed and nervous about things in general, and honestly a little down.  I do have a lot of stuff for me up in the air right now, but no real reason for feeling the way I do today.  So I've decided to post random pretty pictures that I've loved for a while now that didn't really have a post to home them. 

Here's my recent favorite photo (sorry I don't know where it came from)

And then here are some more really relaxing lovely photos.  All of which make me wish I were in any one of them instead of where I am today.

And I really love this one with those blue chairs!

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