March 5, 2008

Hello! Lucky

In a world of email and evites isn't it nice to get a hand written letter in the mail or an invitation to a party with a stamp on it? Maybe it's just me and maybe I'm just being old fashioned, but I adore getting mail (as long as it doesn't have a fake plastic card enclosed!). Whenever you are hosting a party or other get together the first notification to your guests of such event is the invitation. The invitation is a crucial piece because it sets the tone for the entire event. If the invite is an letterpress ecru card then it tells your guests that it will be a more formal event, if the invite is colorful with whimsical pattern then guests will know to expect a more casual affair. Posted invitations also tell your guests that you are planning in advance - and you expect a response. Although my husband often rolls his eyes at me when I tell him I'm sending out invitations instead of the now common e-vite, I stick by my guns - invitations are important! Because of this I have decided over the course of my next several posts to feature different companies of clever persuasion.

I am very lucky in the fact that I came across Hello! Lucky. {} They have custom and preprinted letterpress inviations and other stationary, gifts, and giftwrap for a whimsical take on regular events or formal affairs. Below are some of my personal favorites:


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  2. You're just an old-fashioned, classic kind of girl. That's why I love you!