February 23, 2008

Ode to Tracy and 'stuff'

Recently someone told me that my decorating was reminscent of that of the lovely Ms. Tracy Porter. Not being overly familiar with any of her work I looked her up and, although I guess I shouldn't have been, I was surprised at how much I loved her stuff! Below is a photo from her site that I can just imagine being a cozy nook in a room in my own home.

What I am really loving are the red walls and 'stuff'. Being an avid 'stuff' collector of course I love piles of things that no one really gets why you bought it in the first place. But what I am really, really loving is how the inside of the cabinet is green. What an inviting combination! Although I'm positive that my husband would nearly die if I had something resembling chaos in our house I love the relaxed vibe that the stacks put off. I'm imagining the above scene on one side of my sitting room (which is also red with wide white trim by the way) with a white or gold toned soft tufted chair on the other where I could curl up with a blanket and try to read, but ultimatly fall asleep.

To check out Tracy and more of her 'stuff' view her online at http://www.tracyporter.com/.

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