June 16, 2008

Nothing's better than cloth on the table

Some of my absolute favorite things are vintage table linens. I don't care if they are tablecloths or napkins, runners or placemats - I adore them! I especially love the printed linens from the 50's. Each one is so individual - and just plain spunky! I think that they make even the most ordinary table more fun to sit at.

Usually these tablecloths will be printed with fruit or flowers, but sometimes you'll luck out and find an interesting print or even a state souvenir cloth!

Everytime I go to a garage sale, flea market, or antique sale I'm scouting for one of these beauties. My husband doesn't understand the fascination at all, he really doesn't even like tablecloths, but at least he does love me so he doesn't say a word.

1 comment:

  1. "Spunky" is why you love them. That is the right word for your entire personality! You've always loved bright, cheerful, happy-go-lucky things. No wonder these prints appeal to your sense of style!