June 17, 2008

Room redo - HELP!

I'm trying to redo my family room. My husband and I just sold our family room furniture via craiglist and are now searching for that ever elusive perfect fit/color/comfy-ness new couch. The room is difficult to arrange/decorate because it is narrow with no natural lighting other than the sliding doors that lead to the sun room and because it has stairs and a fireplace to divide the room. Additionally there are vaulted ceilings in this room. Currently it has track lighting above the fireplace, flood lighting (yes, that's right...) above, maroon walls on 3 sides, and a tan accent wall.

When we bought the house I was so glad to have a seperate space to house the TV so that when we had guests over we didn't have to entertain in the same area as our casual space. Now one of my dilemmas in decorating this space is that I've decorated the rest of our house semi-formally - how do I relax my style without letting it look sloppy and keeping it pulled together?

I'm thinking of painting in a lighter color to brighten up the room. This is the color I'm looking at doing:

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  1. I love the color, but you're going to require lots of primer on those walls. I have the same dilemma about the long, narrow room, so let me know if you stumble across a great solution.