March 14, 2011


Did you know that I'm having a baby?  No?  Well I am.  And he's gonna be the cutest dang thing you've ever seen.  Just sayin'.

Sarah is throwing us a baby shower in a month or so and look at the invitation!  She's been scheming behind my back working on what I've now learned is a Breakfast at Tiffany's baby shower theme!  I'm SOOOOOOOO excited!  (notice all of the exclamation points?)  I love that movie and can't wait to see how she pulls it all together.  Isn't this invite one of the most darling things you've ever seen?  What a treat to get in my mailbox!

She designed these herself and I L-O-V-E them!  Here's an up close picture that (hopefully) shows the rhinestone and pearl accents.

Give her some comment love and agree with me that these are SIMPLY MARVELOUS DARLING!


  1. I loooove these invitations, I mean I know I made them and all. But honestly, I think they just came to me out of the great mist of creativity and used me as their medium to be presented to the world!!!

    I just hope the shower itself becomes alive with the same magically creative powers and WOW's you. (I love love love that you love them too! I've had my moments of doubt!)

  2. Hi there,

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  3. I totally LOVE the theme! It's so perfect for you, Ginger - Sarah put so much thought into this, and knows you so very well. KUDOS to Sarah!!!

    And, since I've never watched this movie, I've rented it. Should be in a red envelope in my mailbox when I get home tonight.


  4. One more thing . . . love the blog makeover, too!