April 30, 2009

Birthday Film Festival

This past weekend we celebrated my husband's film snobbery with his very own film festival. 2 'theaters' playing 8 movies throughout the day. I didn't have my usual photographer photograph the event (sorry) so you'll have to do with my very lame photography skills.

Unfortuantly I didn't get many shots of the set up (very disappointing) because I starting taking some and then set up the tripod/camera for the photobooth and abandoned taking the rest of the actual party pics. Here are some shots of the event set up that I did actually get:
You can't see it but in the back there was a nostalgia popcorn maker and the boxes in the tray are popcorn boxes from a local movie theater. They also gave me drink cups which were in another area with the drink station. I didn't get any photos of the drink station.Movie collage above the theater screen in one of the viewing rooms. You can't tell in this photo but the popcorn bucket had a light inside of it that made it a really neat light feature.This was our 'side auditorium' the night before the party. This was probably my favorite part of the party. I hung a white backdrop up and set up our digital camera on the tripod for guests to take their photos. Kids activity table.Here are some of the awesome photo booth shots:


  1. That looks like so much fun!!!! I want you to plan my next birthday party! Oh...wait...I'm done with birthdays... That's right - I declared a moratorium this year, remember?

  2. wow, how did i miss him being into filming?

  3. so lovely! i vote next time you get your usual photographer to snap a few, it was a kick butt party!

  4. I agree that my usual photographer should always come to my house with camera in hand :)