February 19, 2009

Can I move in?

You know how sometimes you start looking online at one thing and end up in a totally different direction? That is exactly what happened to me about 2 days ago as I was strolling through online. Luckily for me what I found is the Velvet & Linen blog {http://brookegiannetti.typepad.com/}. Seriously my mind is consumed with how fabulous this blog is and the inspiration behind it. The author is Brook Giannetti, half of the genius of Giannetti Architecture & Design {http://www.giannettiarchitects.com/Giannetti/Home.html}. Her husband, Steve, is the other {architect} half. I can not stress enough how fabulous their work is. It is one that is worth clicking on {both their business website and her blog}.

Here are a few pictures to motivate you to check out more of their stuff.

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