June 8, 2009

Anniversary Dinner Party

This weekend I had the opportunity to host a surprise anniversary party for my in laws who have been married 32 years this past May. We were small in numbers (at 9) but big on surprise & style! The guest list included myself & my husband, my 2 brother in laws and their respective girlfriends, my husband's grandmother, and the guests of honor: my mother & father in law. I was surprised that all the boys in the family were so excited about this event and it made for a really fun and memorable evening. Here are some of my (very humble) photos from the event.

Simple snacks for the wait before the in-laws arrived.
The dining table set for 9.

Place settings (I adore these plates!)

Of course flowers...
Another shot of the place settings. Yellow, silver, and green napkins complemented the dinnerware.


  1. You should have told me you were taking pictures and I would have helped!

  2. I always take pictures - maybe next time you should just volunteer!

  3. looks like a good one, but you always throw a great party. i'm sure they LOVED it!