April 19, 2010

Amateur Photography Hour

I'm trying to learn photography.  I'm just a beginner and I know NOTHING about it what so ever.  It is kind of scary to learn!  But I'm excited to learn a new skill set to be able to help out with the photography side of our business as we continue to grow.  {Official plug:  looking for photography or event design?  Check out Creative Event Studio!}  With the camera in hand and a semi-willing subject here are a few pictures of me learning photography....

Runners feet = gross

I really love this one.

I didn't take this last one (obviously, since I'm in the picture), but I love it!  (thanks babe!)

So what do you think of my pictures?  Wish me luck as I try and learn more in the coming days!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for posting your photography endeavors . Although you have no formal training, you have a great eye for composition, light and shadow, and and form. I encourage you to continue practicing and I wish you luck in the future!