April 17, 2010

Looking for a place to rest?

All of the sunny spring weather has really had me wanting to get our house spruced up.  Yesterday I had high hopes of doing some planting. Go figure the day that I'm able to work outside the weather decides to be cold and rainy!  In reference to the inside of our house I'm itching to do something new.  Of course I'm sure that my husband would say that a good cleaning would make the house look much more Springish :)  Lately my dream of a country cabin has come back with a fury and I've been wishing I had the time to just go and bum around in the sticks for a while.  Since that clearly isn't a possibility here are some more country/cabin/rustic pictures that I know you'll all enjoy.

Doesn't this look quaint and peaceful? (sorry - not sure of the source)

I'm really loving this picture from the Thomas Callaway porfolio.  Seems very comfy, lived in, and a bit rustic.

I'm not sure where this stairway came from, but it looks like it's fit perfectly in the home from above

This picture from French Country Living is maybe a tad too rustic for me, but still I really am loving all the textures and how your mind immediatly feels more at rest when envisioning yourself in the space.

I think that this table spot from Velvet Linen would be homey with my family and friends and a hot pot of coffee.

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