May 25, 2010

LOST finale party recap

For the LOST series finale (read a review of it here) we decided to throw a party. We were so busy setting up that we didn't get a ton of pics, but here's a few:

Guests entered in through the entry way which greeted them with the LOST sign.  Once they opened the door they were inside the 'smoke monster'.
It just looks like black hanging crepe paper here, but there was also a smoke monster soundtrack playing, which was very cool.  The small entry way is pretty small and with all of the black paper it was really dark. 

The family room donned a Dharma welcome banner with lost Oceanic luggage, and a dharma food table.
Here are a few of the Dharma food products:  bulk peanut butter, soda crackers, ranch dressing, salsas, and sodas.
Some of my favorite Dharma foods:  apples, banana's, oranges, and (non-pictured) pineapple.
A photo of the survivors in the Dharma Initiative in 1974 next to the Dharma operations manuals.
More manuals...
Some of the survivors were also in attendance!
Apollo bars and some little Dharma bars.
The hatch!


  1. haha that is FANTASTIC!!! What a creative party!!!! PS-I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a beautiful little carafe!!!

  2. So totally cool! Wish I could have been there!