June 29, 2010

Birthday Pictures - 27!

Last Monday was my 27th birthday.  To celebrate the husband, best friend, and best friend husband & I all went to breakfast and then had treats at the oh, so lovely, Natasha's Mulberry & Mott.  Here are some favs taken by Sarah.

(and yeah, there are a lot of pictures in this post)

Isn't this the cutest birthday girl picture?
I had a honey bee latte - it was SO good!
It was the CUTEST little shop.  Even the bathroom was fancy (not pictured).  It was so fancy that Sarah screamed when she saw it!
I love the mix of the antiques, vintage pieces, and the modern ghost chairs - YUM!
And then the obligatory birthday pictures!  Thanks everyone for such a fun birthday!


  1. That looks like an absolutely adorable place! How did you guys hear about it? Love the pics, of course :o) I have no doubt my baby shower w/ you guys in attendance will have fabulous photos *hint hint* hehe

  2. I swear the song "Me and My Gang" was coursing thru my brain as I read this post.