February 8, 2011

Nursery Inspiration & Baby News

I'll start with the baby news because I'm just that excited -
We're having a BOY!


So now that we know what we're having (and we wrap up a couple of other projects around here) we can start on the nursery!  I have tossed around several different color schemes, originally thinking of yellow and grey.  As time wore on I still loved the idea of the grey but wasn't loving the yellow in fear that the room may seem too modern.  (Not sure why I was feeling that way about those colors, but I was).  A couple of months ago we were out and about and I spotted a line of clothes at Carters that are just TOO cute.  So last weekend we went out to start our registry and bought one of the little outfits.  That same day I had been out and about and found a scrapbook 'paper' on sale for 50 cents that I grabbed up.  It is actually a vinyl cutout of the alphabet in a fun, punchy aqua color.  For 50 cents I figured I could frame it up as an accent piece or not use it at all.  And here are those two items:

After looking at these items and some various paint chips taped to the wall we've decided to go with a light grey color on the bottom portion of the wall with an aqua at the top.  We plan on doing a tall chair rail (roughly 2 feet from the top of the ceiling) that will seperate the two colors.  As an accent we'll use a fun kelly green color.  Here is a photo including the paint chips:

I hope that it doesn't come across too babyish.  I plan on finding a dresser and painting it the green and also having bedding that includes all three colors.  Although at this point the bedding seems to be very elusive.  I'd LOVE to find bedding with some sort of star in it.  I don't want to go all out with stars, but I do think it could be a fun pattern accent.  I'm not sure why, but this has been my favorite bedding photo for a long time now (even before I started liking the stars):

I can't find any bedding that is even close to something I would consider and would LOVE to have it made (which is my hope) but at this point that also seems elusive as I can't locate any fabrics!  I found this crib sheet via Serena & Lily that may end up being used, but I do wish I could find a kelly green star print instead of the more lime color that is so popular.

And that's what all I'm thinking of right now for our little Mister's room.  If you see any bedding or fabric that fits what I'm looking for make sure and send it my way!


  1. Not stars, but maybe this line will be inspiring: http://www.etsy.com/listing/68176459/boy-blue-and-grey-quilt-bundle-12-yd-of?ref=sr_gallery_40&ga_search_query=grey%2C+fabric&ga_page=2&ga_search_type=supplies&ga_facet=supplies


  2. AJ -

    Those are super cute fabrics! If I hadn't already settled on some I may have considered some of them. Stay tuned for more nursery ideas soon!