February 21, 2011

Oscar Party 2011

My husband loves movies.  No, that's not true.  A more accurate definition would probably be that he is obsessed with film.  Directors, cinemotographers, and movie reviews are a pretty common discussion around the homestead.  So each year we like to throw an Oscar viewing party - except on years when Chris deems the nominees so bad that we have to boycott the awards entirely (see 2010 nominations).  This year the nominations were given the A-OK so we are setting out to once again host the event.

Yesterday I took on the painstaking process of putting together our invitations.  Normally I enjoy these sorts of projects, even do lots of planning and preparation.  This year, despite my best efforts, I wasn't able to come up with a design that I loved so at the last minute (after purchasing supplies even) I found myself surrounded my envelopes, paper, emobssing, powder, etc with still no concrete design.  5ish hours later they were finished (and I only had to make 8) and my back was killing me!  The worst part?  I accidentally sealed up the invites without including Chris's Film Blog card or taking photos of how they turned out...what I am able to share though is a teaser photo of the envelope. 

Disappointing, eh? 

I will say that we do have some good plans up our sleeve for the party though.  With the addition of a brand spankin' new TV courtesy of Chris's parents for Christmas we'll be viewing the awards on a MUCH bigger screen than normal.  Also returning will be our red carpet and ballot voting stations.  And so this post isn't ALL text here are some photos from our ballots booth in years past (so funny to see how the space has changed!):

Lastly make sure and check out Chris's film blog for current and old movie reviews.  2010 reviews are at the top of the page.