September 28, 2014

Changes hopefully coming soon...but don't hold me too it.

Friends and non-readers, I am excited to announce that I have decided on a new blog name.  After years of keeping this space alive online, even though it's been severely neglected, I've decided to attempt to revive this little space.  I've went back and forth so many times about what to do about this blog.  I really love blogging and having a space that is completely and totally my own, not shared by a single soul, a place I can write about anything that I want.  When I originally started this blog I had a pretty narrow idea of what I wanted it to be about.  As my life changed and evolved I struggled to maintain the narrow concept I had created.  Then as my life expanded (hello 2 little boys and owning my own business) I felt I had no time to devote to such a frivolous activity when my time was already stretched.  Over the past year I have felt a yearning (that sounds kind of dramatic but I can't find a better way to describe it) to come back to the blog world.  I still blog over at CES for work, but again that is a narrowed topic (one I love, but still something that doesn't encompass many of the things I enjoy).  After thinking it over for many, many months I've decided that my new blog name is going to be 'Me & My Misters'.  I was going to make it something slightly more generic but truthfully this title pretty much sums up my life right now.  Though I doubt I will ever be a true 'mommy blogger' and I don't desire this to be a pure family blog I can't imagine my life without my husband and boys, so this is my new blog title.  I haven't done a single thing to make this blog pretty, in fact I've made it much uglier by stripping the old, glitch filled, template down and stripping it back to a blogger-basic theme for the time being.  Oh well, no one's reading this anyway!  LOL

I'm excited by the possibilites that this gives me.  And the freedom!  I am so excited to revive this space and make it a journal of sorts of things that I like, things I'm doing, things I'd like to do, and just general wanderings.  If you've stumbled here - GREAT!  Please bookmark this page to revisit me, but honestly if it's just me I'm ok with that for now.  Most days I feel like I barely have space to stop and think for myself for a second so the IDEA that I have something just my own is thrilling  :)

Wish me luck, I'll see you back here soon.

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