February 17, 2015

Converting Cloth Diapers from Velcro to Snaps

This post is a repost of one I had written a while ago on a different family blog.  Since I've decided to blog here exclusively I want to go ahead and make sure this info is intact so I can continue to pass it on when my friends and family have questions about cloth diapering.  This post is a follow up to my Cloth Diapering 101.

When I originally posted about our cloth diapering adventures I mentioned how much I disliked our BumGenius diapers.  By far they are my least favorite of the brands we own.  This is mainly because of the velcro closure.  The velcro lasted about 9-12 months before it just wouldn't hold.  Not to mention that Davis had figured out how to pull it apart.  We had resorted to using these at nighttime with a snappy.  Though to be honest I really even hated using them them, they had become to cumbersome and annoying to me. 

See how the velcro won't stay down?  ANNOYING!

Finally I had had enough of these diapers and was nearly to the point of just throwing them out.  But the more I thought about it the more I thought that I might be able to salvage them somehow.  Originally I had decided to replace the velcro tabs.  But as I was reading online I found a whole slew of mothers replacing their velcro for snap closures.  That was an idea I could get on board with.  I'm not going to give a full tutorial on how to do it on this blog (for the full set of directions click this link) since there are tons of other blogs with better directions.  I will show some pictures and give my thoughts on the process though!

 My supplies:  scissors and a small paring knife for taking off the velcro, a pen for marking where I wanted the snaps, an awl (with the green handle), snap pliers, and snaps.  The snap pliers, awl, and snaps are all Babyville Boutique brand from Hobby Lobby.  Using 2 40% off coupons I was able to buy all supplies for about $20.

 My de-velcro'd diaper...

My make-shift guide and marked diaper...

And 2 of the 4 completed diapers.  I ended up doing 2 different snap patterns.  Originally I started by doing a line of closure at the top and then a hip snap too.  I switched over to two full lines because it was SO MUCH EASIER.  Honestly I haven't noticed much difference in useability now that they are done.

And my thoughts on this project?  I am really, really glad to have re-purposed these diapers so that we can begin using them again.  BUT for the money I spent ($20 plus gas to the store), time (about 4 hours total), and the physical pain of doing it (maybe I'm a wuss but a week later my left hand it still really hurting from this project) it is SO not worth doing yourself.  These gals on Etsy will do it for about $4 per diaper...which would have been cheaper financially and I wouldn't have had to go through the hassle of doing it myself.  So if you're thinking of taking on this project - JUST HIRE IT OUT!!!!