April 22, 2008

Oh my - You're 25!

This post is dedicated to my previously referenced curly haired husband whose birthday is today. Chris these are for you!

{The New World}
{Days of Heaven}
{The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford}

Yes, my husband is a film snob. Yes, he is amazing. To read some of his reviews (and there are many [he’s actually really good]) see the link on the right hand side labeled Movie Reviews by Chris.


  1. Nice pictures. I bet this husband of yours is not a film snob, as you say. He probably just knows what he likes from a film. Does he like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, etc by any chance? If so, he's definitely not snob worthy!

  2. Um...I'm thinkin' she may be on target with the 'film snob' thing. But it's only one of the many reasons we love the curly headed guy. (Besides, how else would I be exposed to those Indie films I'll never watch?)