April 7, 2008

Party Planning 101: Lesson II

Okay so you've got a great theme for your party now what?

It's planning time. Presumably if you've already gotten down your theme you already have a guest list in mind. Now it's time to really nail down the per person guest list. This is the time to account for EVERY man, woman, and child (yeah, kids eat too). After you've got your number now you can can start budgeting how much food is needed, seating, but most importantly you can send out your invitations.

Obviously I really believe that a strong stationary choice can really make a statement about your event (for further comments see below). The invitation sets the tone of your event for your guests. For a small dinner party a phone call is appropriate, but I would always follow it up with another confirmation (via phone, email, or mail). Of course there is always the option of an evite {www.evite.com}. Yes, I've used this method before. My only problem with the evite is that it is so informal and it is so easy for guests to ignore. So if you're going to use the evite keep in mind that you will probably need to make a round of confirmation calls closer to your event.

I am not going to address the proper ways to address invitations in this post, but I will at a later date. If you are in dire need of help in addressing your formal invites please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

TIP: When you're picking up your invites don't forget to pick up matching thank you cards!


  1. How do you properly address an invitation?

  2. Gee, kiddo. I always knew it wasn't my thing - and that you're gifted - but I never dreamed it took so much effort! You are a master at entertaining!