September 12, 2008

Kitchen Dreams

My kitchen is ugly. I have an ugly kitchen. It's hard to admit, but it's better to have it out there than have to keep it a secret. I dream of a day when my kitchen is bright and clean (it's technically clean now, but it is ugly and therefore always looks gross) and lovely. I generally think that I will have white cabinets but I'm not opposed to any of these either.

House Beautiful {}
This isn't a kitchen per se, but it is kitchen-esque, and I really love the white against the black.

House Beautiful {}
A classic all white kitchen. I love the island and the gi-normous monkey vase.

Southern Living {}
Love the bold colors! Even though the cabinets are so bold the overall isn't because of the neutral upper cabinets.

Southern Living {}
Clean, bright, and lovely, all in one. :)

Here are some absolutly fabulous photos that I've collected that I unfairly cannot credit:

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  1. Too bad you can't credit that last list of photos - I can really see you in the 1st or 3rd kitchen shown!