November 5, 2008

Pink colored glasses

I love pink. It is my favorite color.

In honor of this pink love let's journey through some pink fun!
Chow {}

Kendall Wilkinson {

LivingEtc {}

Lee Furniture {}

Vintage party dress from Ebay {}

A pink & green canopy for an Indian wedding - source unknown.

Simon & Richard {}

Nella Vetrina {}

The Knot {}

Not sure of this source, sorry!
Rate My Space {}
Charlotte Moss {}

Another one that I'm not sure of the source, possibly stolen from Alkemie.

I hope you've enjoyed your pink for today!


  1. several of those are SO adorable!!! I love the mirrored stuff, though I can't imagine how my dog (obsessed with his own image) would handle them!!

  2. I adore that pink cake stand! That is so YOU!