February 22, 2010

A little explanation

Some of you may have noticed that the blog has taken a major hit over the last several months. Posting has come to a halt and the posts that get out there are really more about pictures than text. For all of this I am throwing myself at the blog universe mercy and begging for forgiveness.

NOW in my defense, let me do some explaining...

Starting around Christmas things at the hubs and I's house got REAL crazy. There was of course, Christmas, which in our world means mass traveling (which is fun, but tiring!). Immediately following Christmas we went straight back to work (which is crazy at the beginning of the year). Then my adorably curly haired husband totaled his car. Guess what happened next? Vacation with my husband's family. Then home and back to work, then more traveling to throw a birthday party. Then back home to work on my basement that had to be finished for a shower and bachelorette party I was throwing, in my basement (that was not finished). Oh yeah, and we started a business (www.creativeeventdesign.com) and did an Open House for that.

And now I'm typing all of this to tell you that it's been a whirlwind lately! I had fun doing all the things above (well most of them, car stuff is never fun), but man I am glad things are starting to calm down! I've got some stuff to share with you on the blog very soon, including a before and after of my unfinished finished basement renovation and some party pics of an adorable (if I do say so myself) coffee house themed bridal shower that was held in the basement. I also am hoping to balance out some of my recent posts with some more decor inspiration which has been lacking for the last several months.

For those of you still out there thanks for continuing to read and check here. I promise things to come very shortly!


  1. Looking forward to reading/seeing all that you've no doubt got stored up to share! :)

  2. Glad you're back - can't wait to see what's next.