April 1, 2009

Nurseries - and no, I'm not pregnant

As the title above has stated I am not pregnant. {Not now, not soon. Do not expect me to have a baby in 9 months and please do not walk up to me, touch my belly, and ask when I am due. I'm not fat and I'm not pregnant. Thank you for understanding.}

With all of those statements out of the way....my sister IS pregnant (along with about 50 million other people I know). This is my sister and her husband:

They are expecting a baby (girl?) in August. As such the majority of our conversations revolve around this topic and last night I had 4 links to baby nursery ideas from Rate My Space sitting in my inbox. As I've been sorting through the links and looking around there are some absolutly adorable baby nurseries out there! I, personally, really think that the baby world suffers horribly when it comes to design, however here are some of the ones I found on Rate My Space that I thought were to fabulous not to post.I like the carpet in this room, looks like it really ties all the colors together.This little sitting area is adorable.This was one of my favorite rooms on RMS. It is brightly colored without being to kidish, the white and brown really ground the room. With different furniture it wouldn't be too far of a stretch to imagine this room for an older child instead.Isn't this precious for a little girl?There are a lot of rooms with a tree motif. Here are some of better done ones.This is my favorite of all the tree rooms.I really liked this little girls rooms. It is really pulled together and can grow with the little gal. This room reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffanys.

Of course I couldn't complete a blog about nurseries without including some all white rooms. I know some people think that these are 'too white' but I really like them. They seem very serene to me.

This is a very grown up room for a little person - I LOVE that!Of all the nurseries I saw on Rate My Space this is my 'dream' nursery! I seriously think this is amazing, by far my favorite!

I hope you've enjoyed a tour of Rate My Space nurseries :) Don't be surprised if you see more baby stuff down the road - she's not due until August!


  1. Wow!
    It's all so pretty!! :)
    I wish I had a room like any of those ;)

    P.S. Like your blog!

  2. And now, of course, you must revisit Rate My Space, with an eye toward little boy rooms. Just like your sister to throw a monkey wrench in things. ~ Mom ~