March 15, 2015

Simple St. Patrick's Day Decor

I love celebrating all the little holidays, especially now that I have small kids.  They get such a kick out of anything out of the ordinary, adorable.  I also have a soft spot for Paddy's day since finding out we were pregnant with our 2nd son while in Ireland over St. Patrick's Day.  (Ironically he looks Irish, complete with pale skin and red hair.)  So I decided to mix up the gallery in our formal living room for just a touch of festivity.

Since I'd only have these decorations up for about 2 weeks I kept it very minimal.  I draped a green bunting banner (found here), added a 4 leaf clover to the the floral frame, and placed a journal card on the shelf.  I also tossed a (new to me) pillow from the thrift store in an adjoining chair because the colors worked perfectly.

The shelf in the gallery is the perfect spot for mixing up seasonal decor.  I generally switch out the pictures for the season, but you can tell I didn't do that this time. The 'LOVE' print of the boys is their Valentine from last year.  I could eat those two up.  The small picture on the left is my Howie baby at 1 month through the Christmas tree.  

Isn't that little vintage pillow adorable?  I couldn't pass it up.  But as a major 'take-me-home' bonus it had no tag so they let me have it for $0.50!  I think this is the perfect amount of dressing up for this little day.  

Do you decorate for any of the small holidays?  

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