April 30, 2015

DIY Fort Kit

I thought I'd pop in today with a great little DIY project for all the kiddos in your life.  I made this Fort Kit for my nephew's birthday.  I love the idea of tents for little kids, but often they are large and require space that many of us don't have.  This is a great alternative that let's kids have the experience but that doesn't require the space commitment.  

Once you have your supplies this project can easily be completed in an afternoon in less than 2 hours (I'd estimate it to take about an hour, maybe a little more).  This is not a tutorial.  If you're crafty you don't need it. (And if you need some hand holding there are tons of instructions online.) I used a canvas bag, leather string,  letter stamps, black paint, green dye, a plain white sheet, yellow paint, a stencil, and a paint brush.  For the completed kit you will also need 4 clamps (I picked mine up at Lowes).  I also included a glow stick flashlight that was a big hit.

For the bag I found a canvas bag at the thrift store.  I cut the handles off , cut a small hole in top hem and threaded leather string through.  I had some RIT dye at my house so I quickly dipped the bag in it on my stove top.  I ended up with a soft green.  I also used my stamp kit to print 'FORT KIT' on the front.  

DIY Fort Kit for kids

I used a white sheet from the thrift store (I brought it home and bleached it, but made sure in the store that it was free of staining) for the 'tent' part of the kit.  For the stars I used a stencil from Hobby Lobby and randomly painted them with yellow paint all over the sheet.  Once they dried I washed the sheet.  I did not use fabric paint, just regular ole craft paint.  

I should have taken a picture of this all set up but I didn't!  To assemble the fort just use the clamps to secure the sheet over the backs of chairs, doors, or whatever your little one is desiring.  I love gifts that don't have one specific way to play with it and this is definitely something that can be used over and over in millions of different ways.

DIY gifts are something I really enjoy making.  (If they are enjoyed as much upon reciept may be another question!)  Out of the childrens 'toys' I've made this still ranks as a favorite.  Do you like making gifts?  Do you know any kids that would like something like this?

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