August 25, 2015

And then we decided to move

A few months ago we were toying with the idea of moving.  When I say that we were 'toying' with the idea, we honestly weren't seriously thinking of it at all.  We were looking at real estate listings online and dreaming.  Our oldest will be starting school in a few years and we'd never envisioned him going to school in our current area.  We don't live in a bad district but for whatever reason it just wasn't on our (my) radar.  Through a series of events we felt we really needed to move.  There are a lot of things that have went into this decision, and honestly it's something that we have faltered over.  Moving is a B-I-G thing.  Especially when you love your house.  And you live down the street from your best friends.

We feel heartbroken about the decision.  This is our HOME.  We love our house.  It's not a perfect house, it has quirks and is a little wonky here and there, but we love it.  This house has encapsulated so much of our lives together.  We moved here just after our first anniversary.  So much of our history is here.  This house is where we learned how to be adults (ok, we're still learning).  And then, this is the place we brought our babies home to.  This is where we prepared a place for our children and where we have watched them grow.  This house is their world right now.

[This is where I start being a real downer.]

Can I just say that we haven't even listed it yet and already this feels GINORMOUS?  We are both super stressed about getting everything ready to list.  And then who knows if the house will even sell?  And then there is the added bonus of not knowing where we are going to go.  We don't even know what town or area we want to live.  I feel like we are living in a limbo with all these things out there looming and it honestly really sucks.  I know this makes me a complainer, but right now I don't care.  I am having a really hard time right now wrapping my head around the whole thing.  It feels huge and overwhelming and hard.  Yesterday I spent 4 hours with two kids in tow going to six different stores looking for replacement lights for our hallway.  By the time we got home I was spent, I had no lights, and the kids were exhausted.  The best part was that I had accomplished nothing.  So then I basically sat in a funk all day about the whole thing.

[I'll try and wrap it up now.]

So that's what I'm up to these days.  Sorry I can't seem to be more consistent with my posting!  But nothing's better than a long absence ended by a long whiny post right?!  Glad you're with me!  I have some things in draft that I still want to publish but I do *hope* to blog more as we go through this experience.  If you're reading this any prayers for our selling/buying process would really be appreciated!

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