October 10, 2015

We bought a house!

You know the whole 'we are selling our house' thing?  Yeah, that's still happening.  We list next week so we're still doing all the projects to get it ready.  It's kind of intense around here to say the least.  BUT in the midst of all the house listing stuff we ended up buying a house!  We had really been focused on moving to a historic district, in probably a fixer upper that we could utlize a FHA 203K loan.  (If you haven't heard of it and are interested in a fixer upper that's a great program, just FYI.)  We looked at some houses that fit that description and the idea of them was so so so lovely.  The reality wasn't panning out.  We were hopeful and determined but the houses that were available needed more work than what our budget would allow when figuring in the asking price and neither of the ones that we had high hopes for had parking.  Or a yard really.  With 2 boys a yard is a must, even if it is a small one, and in about 12 years we are going to need additional parking space for two teen drivers.  So no parking really wasn't going to cut it in the long run.

So we did something we didn't think we'd do, we went and looked at a bunch of houses outside of the narrow scope we'd been looking at.  All of the houses were finished and met all of our size requirements and had some sort of character to them, they just weren't historic.  There was a house that we had been looking at and thought looked cool that had been on the market for a while.  We went and looked at it and honestly we pretty much loved it from the beginning.  It is just so livable.  I was standing in the living room and felt like I could actually see and hear my kids playing and running around.  When that vision comes true I may actually cry, we'll see (I'm a sap like that, luckily the guy I'm married to is as well).

There were some things we weren't totally sold on so after looking at the house twice we sat on it for a week.  We figured it was worth the time to think about and if it sold it wasn't meant to be.  I have to say that was a very healthy way to be about it.  We are not fast decision makers.  And that's ok, that's our process ;)  So when we made our offer we felt good about it.  We had heard some bad stories about the sellers agent and he did try and bluff our agent when we made our offer but the sellers were really fast with their counters and within a day we had successfully negotiated a sale!  It felt like it happened really fast!  Obviously we have not met the sellers but so far we get a really good feeling about them and it really has made the whole process so much smoother.

Our current house gets photographed on Monday and listed on Thursday.  We still have a bunch of small projects to complete before Monday but I can't tell you how good it feels to know that we have a place to go after this place sells.  I also can't begin to describe how very much I hope this house sells!  I am hopeful that another couple will see all the things we love about our house and will make a (very generous! ;) ) offer the day we list!  (Just kidding, though that would be amazing.)

Wish us luck, we're going to need it!

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