August 15, 2008

Cake toppers

One of my absolute favorite vintage things are old wedding cake toppers. They have so much personality that I can't help but fall in love! These found on Esty by oilpainta are to die for. They are custom creations using vintage materials.

To purchase one of her lovely creations visit her online:
Here are some more adorable ones found on Ebay:

This is quite the couple! Her skirt is still so beautiful!

This is a gorgeous topper from the 1920's. Still with most of it's orginal detail in tact and with very little discoloration.

A rare example of an African-American topper. This photo is hard to see, but the figures are really pretty up close.
Another lovely couple, this one from the 1950's.
No wedding would be complete without the wedding party!

This topper is a bit funny to me. First of all it is sad because they aren't in great shape. Secondly I am wondering why the bride is wearing only her veil and a look of horror on her face while the groom is staring at her bottom half. I have a feeling that the bride wasn't the only one at that wedding feeling uncomfortable.

This topper is particularly sweet to me - it's the one I had on my wedding cake!

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