August 19, 2008

Independence Square

Last Friday the man and I went over to Independence to what was supposedly the Third Friday Art Walk. The description we read online sounded like it was bound to be full of fun, however when we arrived we were 2 of about 20 people there. There wasn't a lot going on, but we did go into some really adorable shops, 2 of which I am including in this post.
Gilbert, Whitney, & Co {}
This specialty grocery & kitchenware store is ADORABLE! Housed in a historic building on the historic independence square it is simply TOO CUTE!
They carry several of Nigella Lawson's products in the store. If you can't make it to Independence you can check out her stuff online via her website:
The man and I.This was my absolute favorite of the evening, a home decor store named B Here Now. It was FABULOUS! The man didn't care for me to take photos inside the store so you'll have to make due with this outside shot and the website. {}


  1. Am I going to be refered to as 'the man' from now on? It sounds weird. =P

  2. If you ever come back to the square, you should visit Luticia Clementine's. I think you'd like it a lot. Website: