December 31, 2009

Last Christmas Tabletop post for 2009!

Not only is this the last Christmas tabletop post for 2009 but this will also be the last official post of 2009.  2010 is sure to be a great blogging year, especially since we will be starting the year off with a very exciting announcement first thing on January 1st!

Today's tabletop photos are of the kids table.  This, in my opinion, turned out super cute, and was really thrown together at the last minute!  Out of all of my tabletops I thought this was the most fun.  So without further adu...

This table was the perfect mix of fun and fancy that the kids really enjoyed having their own table (much unlike my sad days at rickety card table)!  As with all of the tabletops featured here the cost for this was incredibly inexpensive since I spent $0.  I especially loved this table because I was able to mix-and-match different seasonal items together.  The plates, green tray, and cups were all items I picked up in the after spring clearance at Target.  The other items were all things picked up in previous years during the Christmas season.  I also really loved the fresher green color mixed with the sparkly chargers - just hte perfect whimsy for a kids table!

I hope you've enjoyed your tour of my holiday table tops.  If you're anything like me this past year left me feeling like this:

Don't forget to tune in first thing tomorrow morning!
Have a safe & Happy New Year!

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