December 30, 2009

More holiday tabletops

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Today I'm featuring two of my tabletops that are very similar to each other, which is why they are being posted together, but they are a little different.  Last Sunday our home was host to a small dinner.  The following photos are the dining table settings.

I love how the ornaments from the chandelier look when photographed!

The place settings were pretty bare, but I was exhausted this year!  Looking back I wish they weren't so plain, but considering everything was pulled from what I had in house I don't think they were bad for last minute!

The following two photos are of my dining table the week prior to Christmas.  The settings are pretty similar to the ones above except the tablecloth is red and I used the coffee mugs from a Christmas set I was given to add a little more 'holiday' to the table.

Thanks for looking - don't forget to check back tomorrow for another table top!

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