May 4, 2010

LOST party invites

{{{Is anyone else having a crazy week?}}}

Have I ever mentioned before that we L-O-V-E LOST around here?  We are so sad that it is ending!  In honor of the series finale we are hosting a LOST finale party.  Lots of good stuff planned for that, but here is the first bit completed - the invites!

Using the Oceanic 815 flight ticket from John Griffith (which I had to edit and redo parts of) here are the invites:

After I edited the flight information to include the guests name, seat number, and the event date I printed them out on cardstock and rounded the corners.  I made an envelope label with the Oceanic logo to print the guest address.  I also was able to bust out my emobssing gun for the first time ever to emboss the Oceanic Logo on the return address spot as well as on the ticket invitation.
Is anyone else having a LOST party?