January 3, 2011

2010 recap...

I've never done a year end recap before, but somehow this morning it feels right to do.  If I'm completely honest, 2010 was rough.  Sometimes really rough.  Normally I look back and think, 'was that a whole year?', but this new years I'm not asking that.  I'm looking towards 2011.  Here are my personal highs and lows of the year:

Low points:
(I'm starting with the lows so I can end on the highs)

  • My mom & step-dad moving to Las Vegas
  • My sister, nephew, and brother in law moving to New Hampshire
  • Leaving a good job to take a risk with a new job
  • Losing the new job
  • Being unemployed for 4 months this year

High points:
  • Chasing a dream to start my own business (being scared but doing it anyway)
  • Seeing our business take off faster than we expected & meeting tons of great people along the way
  • Visitng DisneyWorld, Puerto Rico, and taking a mini-cation to Topeka
  • Seeing Sarah get married
  • My brother in law getting married
  • Getting to know my mother in law better
  • Watching my nephew turn 1
  • Seeing my dad's family so much recently
  • Getting pregnant - hello 2011!
Overall the high points are much higher than the low ones...but somehow I've let the low ones stick with me way more than what I should.  So although I'm not making any resolutions I am really looking forward to 2011 and all that I know it will bring.  I've been working on getting my more cheerful attitude outlook back and being less pessimistic for a few weeks, so today I'm channelling that into the new year.  So with that being said here are some things that I am currently looking forward to:
  • Visiting my mom in 3 weeks!
  • My doctors appointment tomorrow
  • Continuing work on CES and growing it like crazy!!!!
  • Hugging my husband when he gets home
  • Working on some small projects around the house
  • BABY!!!!
  • Working on the nursery
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Getting the basement organized into a workout & business space
  • Looking up the PBS Jane Austin mini-series schedule on TV (thrilling, right?)
  • Did I mention I'm seeing my mom in 3 weeks?!?!?
I hope that 2011 is a great year for all of those reading right now.  Happy new year!

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