January 19, 2011

Guest Room Update!

I am SO excited to share this project.  I've shared photos of our guest room before on the blog and mentioned that it is my favorite room - but this project has taken my love of this room to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! 

For a long time I've dreamed of painting a ceiling a color.  This project was actually started when Sarah and I went to the Rehabitat ReStore and picked up some used chandeliers that we have plans to paint.  I wasn't sure if I would put the chandelier in the guest room or the nursery.  After talking it over with the husband we decided to put the chandelier in the nursery because we already had 2 flush mount ceiling fixtures (brand new) hanging around the house that we didn't have a place for.  Then a few days later as I was eyeing the ceiling in the guest room I realized that I had some left over paint from when we redid the basement that would be perfect as a ceiling color in the guest room.  It is a lighter, complementary aqua color. 

Although I've shared photos of the guest room before I always stregically cropped out the light fixture...or the lack of a light fixture...

And look at the after pictures...

Chris and I both really love the added color.  It really makes the light fixture (even though it is so simple) and the trim 'pop'.  I also love how it adds an additional layer to the room.

I also did another SUPER quick update to the room.  The dresser had been painted several years ago and updated with new hardware.  When I was in there examining the room the other day I realized that there was a little ridge detail on the 2nd drawer.  So I whipped out a black sharpie and filled it in.  It's not much, but it just adds even more character to the piece. 

I didn't think it would be possible for me to love this room anymore than I already did, but it has happened!


  1. I love it! You may have to come decorate our place when we buy a new home! Very nice!!!